It is now 2013, close to 10 Years after the publication of Nicholas Carr’s sensational article “IT doesn’t matter, business process do” in Harvard Business Review. This prompted significant counter arguments from leading executives of that time like CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, CEO of Intel, Craig Barret. Fast forward today, Companies Like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, etc are finally delivering IT products and services as a commodity sold as Cloud, Virtual Servers etc. It not far before we consume compute / IT Resources just the same way we do Power and Utilities as Nicholas Carr predicated. However, as the commoditization of IT occurred, orchestrating business process over these assets remains far from reality.

In fact, availability of numerous Cloud Platforms, Access to myriad Social/Mobile Applications, Explosion of of Data and need for better and reliable information has exasperated the enterprise problem of choosing the right solutions to enable business process in a reliable and efficient way. We at BizCloud Experts see this as significant opportunity to help small/medium and large enterprises navigate through the numerous choices and position them use the cost effective solution stacks to enable/accelerate and reliably deliver business process securely over the Cloud i.e Commodotized IT Assets.

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