We, BizCloud Experts have been accepted to the Service Delivery Program for AWS Lambda Service.

AWS Lambda is a function as a service offering which can help build event driven systems without the need of managing servers. There are many advantages to going serverless which we mentioned in another blog.

Some examples for the event driven use cases are

  • Healthcare
    • Scheduling surgeries and keeping everyone involved in the surgery
    • Notifying the various people involved in a procedure on scheduling
    • Optimizing the workforce schedule
  • Cargo Logistics
    • Assign containers to optimal drivers automatically according to the distance and time
    • Notify drivers on change of gate or itinerary
    • Update the location of the containers automatically leveraging the IoT messaging with Lambda functions
    • Perform operations automatically on specific events like arrival of flight, departure of flight, gate change etc.
  • Customer Support
    • Automatically collect data from the calls
    • Analyze data collected from different callers to send caller specific offers
    • Route calls according to the customer’s previous history
    • Provide chatbots for agents to perform operations related to the caller
    • Provide agents with the appropriate information about the caller when the call comes in so that the agent can be smarter about the reason as to why the customer called

We, at BizCloud Experts can help you get started on planning and executing your serverless journey through AWS Lambda increasing the scope for innovation by decreasing the need for server management. Contact us for more information.