It’s that time of the year when we begin to reflect on what we accomplished the prior year and initiate what we could do better next year. AWS re:Invent allows us the pause and reflect, realize and plan what’s next to come.

Key Reflections — Day One
  • There is a pipeline for everything; monitoring, deployment, migration, application architectures to name a few. For BizCloud Experts 2018 was the year we put our focus towards Service Catalog driven applications, packaging and building #Serverless Application frameworks. Both were pervasive in all the emerging solutions – a true differentiating factor for BizCloud Experts.
  • Just as quickly as you become really good at something you have to challenge yourself, your business and  team to continuously transform and adopt in order to survive in today’s fast-paced economy. Chalk talk was an eye-opener on Sports Analytics and ML — we’re only scraping the surface when it comes to “deep learning.” The net is wide-open to make a difference in the years to come.
  • The session on Massively Parallel Event Processing Architectures  proved that good architecture tenants used in our “Cargo and Logistics” solution written over 17 years ago still hold true today. #Proud — we helped a customer modernizing the application again in 2016. Our #FutureGoals will help create a quick and easy way to transform, especially with all the emerging technology and tools.
Tech Trends to watch out for:
  • Real-Time and Offline AI coming – Applications will become smarter at the edge, connected or not.
  • #Serverless / NLP and Vision API’s will drive greater changes in the application experience; currently rendering unimaginable customer interfaces. Maybe it’s time to question whether we really need a mobile app or a web app?
  • Large scale migrations to cloud may not be relevant…or is it better to think differently? Why migrate? Just abandon and adopt!

That’s our recap of day one here at #reinvent2018

@BizCloudExperts says “Challenge Yourself, Seek to be Unique.”