Every year around this time we look back and realize the year has flown by and begin to scratch our heads saying to ourselves “what did we really accomplish last year?”

Today, I just want to step back and look at little things we do that I feel matter to our business.

  1. University interaction: We have conducted a DEVOPS Training Class @UTDallas and have offered two students paid internship at BizCloud Experts.
  2. We were involved in monthly sandwich drives for the homeless. Sandwiches are delivered to Presbyterian Homeless Shelter in Fort Worth. The sandwich drives are conducted by Karuna, a non profit organization that helps with paying for medical expenses for those who cannot by themselves afford care.
  3. We Conducted 4+ Meetups on Technology and opened our offices to the community.
  4. This is our third year sponsoring a CRICKET team. The team is well respected and this past fall the team won a local tournament. and continues to be one of the respected teams in the leagues.
  5. Sponsor a senior project at the Rochester Institute of Technology where students are working a project that aims at transforming display systems.
  6. Conducted a Ping-Pong Tournament where we invited folks from our value network to join us and build on personal relationships.

Although, this may not seem much. – we are very proud that team of <15 people was able to do all of this. We hope that as we grow, we will keep community outreach and giveback a key KPI.

At BizCloud Experts, we do our best to keep life balanced between WORK, PLAY and COMMUNITY outreach. We hope to continue this tradition in 2019.

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