Last week we decided to upgrade our network to gain higher speeds. The side effect to that is our phones were no longer working! Now they are, but that’s not the point…Curious if we were blind to those missed calls?

then read on

Recently we moved our IVR to the Cloud; we now use Twilio as our programmable voice platform. We installed a quick hack to our IVR to ensure that we WOULD NOT miss any calls that came in. If not answered the system automatically picks it up and logs it into the CRM system. and then generates a TASK for each one of those phone calls. Imagine missing that one call — the one call that could save your business. As a small business ourselves we cannot man our front desk all the times and we cannot control if our network goes out — what we can control is how we handle our phone calls – hence our quick hack attack.

That little hack literally SAVED US! Below is a screen shot from our CRM platform (Zoho); all calls that were not answered were logged into the CRM system. This allowed us to re-connect quickly to our customers and support their needs.

The point we are trying to make is that your IVR / Phone Systems and Contact Center can become a lot smarter and we @bizcloudexperts can make IT happen!

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