In current Contact Centers, Agent onboarding can take days to weeks, or more — that’s typically not an issue due to the fact that other processes like agent training, employee on-boarding, desktop provisioning etc. take longer. That said, as organizations are transforming digitally — this is becoming unacceptable to most. What are you going to do about it? Read on …

Today some of the following use cases have become increasingly common

  • Ramping up seasonal/temporary workers
  • Engaging specialized resources On-Demand
  • Opening temp / short-term offices or event specific
  • Handling service disruptions, all hands on deck
  • Enabling On-Demand workforce: “freelancers” or “uber workforce”

These use cases turn the current contact center agent onboarding process completely inadequate.

First and foremost, we have recognize it is inevitable that contact centers are going to become virtual, and management process will be driven to on-demand / agile. Planning to peak is no longer acceptable.

Onboarding a contact center agent – remote/seasonal/or permanent can be made lot more simpler and lot more streamlined.

Find below a simple use case : Onboard an agent, give agent access to his work documents (workdocs) and provision a workspace to start taking calls securely.  See how “Agent Onboarding” can be enabled from IT Service Catalog that the contact center manager can kick of the process with a few simple clicks.

Check the video, it is < 5 minutes long. Watching this video may give other ideas we can help implement to make your contact center smarter !

The point we are trying to make is that your Contact Center can become a lot smarter and agile. We @bizcloudexperts can make IT happen!

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