Amazon Alexa

Build new voice experiences of your application and reach out to millions of customers on Alexa enabled devices

Voice control your applications

Alexa is the brain behind voice-controlled devices like Amazon Echo and Echo dot. Through Alexa, we can enable customers to interact with devices in an intuitive way and provide an enhanced customer experience.

BizCloud Experts along with aws certified engineers is experienced helping organizations improve cx by adding voice-enabled SOLUTIONS to connected products.

Benefits of the service

Scalable cloud service that adds voice enabled experience to any connected product


Bring your idea into life with our experience in voice design

Serverless design

Create a serverless backend using AWS services like Lambda

Enable Voice

Voice enable your custom application to provide enhanced customer experience


Secure authentication to your speech enabled application through Alexa

IoT Integration

Control remote devices through voice with Internet of Things integration

Maximized reach

Reach millions of customers on Alexa-enabled devices


Alexa skill to publish IoT messages – POC