Service Catalog Consulting

Centrally manage commonly deployed IT services to achieve consistent governance and compliance

Self-Service IT through Service Catalog

In order to increase the developer productivity which thereby improves the business productivity, automate the repetitive tasks existing in the environment.

BizCloud Experts, an Advanced AWS Partner, helps customers identify these tasks and design a way to automate. We closely work with our clients to design a self-service provisioning of the IT solutions using AWS Service Catalog to accelerate the demos, PoC’s and solution deployment.
Certified architects at BizCloud achieve this by converting the common architecture patterns into portfolios on AWS Service Catalog and executing them through CloudFormation templates, Lambda functions and third party DevOps tools.

Benefits of the service

Create and manage catalogs of IT services from VM images, servers, software and databases to multi-tier application architectures

Provisioning time

Reduce solution provisioning time from days/weeks to hours/minutes


Scale consumption of services to 100’s of users from current 10’s of users


Drastically reduce CAPEX for demo, PoC and production environment

IT service catalogs

Create catalog of IT services for organization ranging from VM images to multi-tier architectures

Service Lifecycle

Centrally manage IT service lifecycle by controlling the use of IT services through certain parameters

Business requirements

Continuously meet new business needs by automating the repeatable deployments to increase developer productivity