SELF-SERVICE IT – Service Catalog

Defines a simplified way to deliver new products to organizations by standardizing & provisioning commonly utilized services on AWS, using CloudFormation and simplify the creation & management of these services through our Service Catalog solutions.

The ability to centrally manage multiple employee accounts/application access within your organization will always a challenge. However, effectively deploying a Service Catalog, that offers your employees the ability to “self-serve” their IT needs, is a no-brainer that delivers business value, and reduces your IT departments/helpdesk workload. Providing a Service Catalog to automate routine IT tasks, using a simplified GUI to add/edit/remove services improve Help Desk effectiveness and ultimately positively effects your SLAs.

We will showcase how serverless applications developed by BizCloud Experts can use a service catalog can self-serve consume & launch by anyone registered with an authorized AWS accounts. Once a services is shared into your service catalog, under the centralized IT administrators responsible for assigning permission/roles to ensure compliance with corporate standards, an application can launched into your customers AWS account.



The cloud-based micro-service solution is designed to be scalable, serverless and cost-effective. The application requires a simple registration and the AWS account to share the Service catalog solution. Once shared, the application is launched in customer’s AWS account and enables centralized user management to ensure compliance with corporate standards.

Business Value

  • Help IT quickly add/edit/remove user permissions across any/all accounts
  • Ensures compliance with corporate standards
  • Enables centralized user management

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