Serverless Computing

Easily deploy and manage microservices for business specific use-cases

Ephemeral compute power at your hand

With our Serverless Solutions, we help clients achieve a peak in their core strengths and product innovation rather than hassling around managing servers and infrastructure.
At BizCloud Experts, Certified AWS Engineers help enterprises to implement, manage and monitor evanescent on-demand resources disengaged from their virtual and hardware ties, which meet clients’ compute, database and storage needs.

Benefits of the service

Create scalable and cost-effective solutions with serverless backend


Precise scaling upon requisition, with the size of the workload

Cost Effective

Uses pay as you go model which creates sizable savings in cost

No Servers

Avoid the hassle of managing servers

High Availability

Resources are readily present at hand due to the highly available nature

Trigger other services

Seamlessly integrate with other AWS services through events

Detailed Monitoring

Monitor application activity such as API calls, latency, errors