Fields Manager

Managing Parks, Fields and Recreation Facilities Reservations is a monumental task. Tasks like publishing a slot/schedule, managing reservation requests / approvals, communicating about slot changes, waiting in queues to make a reservation request are pretty time taking and stressful. We can help solve this problem with simple button clicks through our application. We can help field/nets/ground administrators to add slots/schedules, assign slot to users, cancel slot, automatically notify user through SMS/Email and also allow users to conveniently make a reservation right from their mobile/PC.

Why Fields Manager

Fields Manager will assist cities, towns, leagues, facility owners to ….

  1. More efficient use of resources :parks, ground, nets, courts
  2. Simplify and engage citizens/customers/teams using e-services
  3. Provide Real-time Notifications
  4. Keep citizens/customers/teams informed of park activity and field status
  5. Assist in increasing Revenue

Using Fields Manager will result in …

  1. Increased demand by accepting requests 24×7. City/Facility is never closed !
  2. Improved Operational Efficiencies; free up park/field administrators time
  3. Automated the Customer Experience; get instant field notifications (closures, field maintenance, other activity)
  4. Building Brand awareness. Custom URL for each customer (Custom URL)
  5. Driving higher utilization of parks and recreation assets

Target Use Cases

Tennis Courts, Cricket fields and Nets, Soccer fields, Picnic Pavilions, Baseball/Softball grounds, Racquetball CourtsFields

Fields Manager v1.0 alpha release features

Release 1.0 has basic features that are targets to eliminate the paper approval and spread sheet approval process that highly manual, time consuming and error prone.

Add A Park

Start adding your parks to organize all grounds and reservations, you can manage all parks at one place just by switching between parks.

Add A Ground

Add grounds in respective parks to manage their slots and reservations with ease. With just a glance, you will be able to find and differentiate slots based on their current status (waiting for approval, approved, available, cancelled).

Add A Slot/Schedule

Add all your upcoming slots from admins dashboard to allow users to make a reservation request, you can also configure various advanced options for your slots like slot open window (open for reservation requests), automatic FIFO approval, add a repeating slot (schedule).

Edit/Cancel/Delete A Slot

We provide an ease to edit/cancel/delete a slot at any time no matter how many reservation requests are present and automatically send notifications about slot changes via email & SMS.

Approve A Slot

Reservation requests can be processed at any time with simple clicks in three different ways:

  1. FIFO (Approve it to the first person who sent a request)
  2. Random (Approve it to a randomly picked person)
  3. Custom (Approve it to any person you prefer)

Approved person will be notified instantly via Email & SMS.

Revoke & Re-Approve A Slot

A reserved slot can be revoked and re-approved in the desired method at any time, avoids overlap approvals or confusion between users by instantly notifying them about their reservation updates.

Automatic FIFO

Enable Auto_FIFO in slot configuration and avoid the pain to approve a slot manually, Once the first request comes, It will be automatically approved instantly and the user will be notified.

Subscription Plans

Service will be tailored to meet three distinct use cases

Single Sport Field/Park

This is intended for single sport / facility or field owner

  • 1 Field / 1 Park
  • Max 1 Sport
  • 2 Administrators
  • Unlimited Users
  • Email Support – SLA 72 Hrs
  • 30 DAYS FREE

Multi-Use Parks/Facilities

This plan intended use is for Multi-Park/Field with multiple purpose fields. Allows the admin to create unlimited slots for unlimited sports

  • Max 2 Parks or 5 Fields
  • Unlimited Sports
  • Unlimited Users
  • Email Support – SLA 72 Hrs
  • 30 DAYS FREE

Pay as you Go
Usage Based Pricing
18%Fee Collected

This plan intended use is for Large towns/cities with unlimited park and field needs. The solution will be custom priced 

  • Min $0.50 per Slot or 18% of Slot Price
  • Unlimited Parks, Fields, Sports, Users
  • HelpDesk (voice call) OPTIONAL
  • Custom integration with city services
  • API Access

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