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Office productivity in both small to medium business’ continues to be a significant challenge for most. Simple tasks like managing calendars, dialing in to meetings, reserving conference rooms, searching for information, reporting a problem or requesting assistance with a device just takes too long. What if you can solve this by simply using your voice? Let us help by implementing a Voice Activated Device to act like a Smart Assistant while you work. We’ll set-up the device and let employees use their voice to interact with technology so they can spontaneously get the help they need in a natural way.

We will enable and tailor the following features to meet your needs:

Personal Desk Assistant (PDA)

To help you manage your schedule, keep track of your to-do lists, and set reminders – configure your device to integrate with your Calendar and automatically dial into conference calls or even have your PDA make phone calls for you. Activate Bluetooth and personalize Alexa to quickly find the information you need — all by using voice commands.

Transform conference room experience

Set-up conference rooms to begin meetings and control room settings by simply using your voice. Using a feature like Smart Assistant there’s no need to use remote controls, look up conference call info, or manually dial in to meetings – once implemented, simply walk into the room and say “Computer, start my meeting”, your Smart Assistant gets your meeting started just like that.

Add VOICE to workplace, products and application services

Build your own custom skills and easily “voice-enable” your applications, products and services. We can assist employees with simple tasks like finding an open meeting room, ordering new supplies or making reservations. Imagine hotels implementing automated room service or companies being able to retrieve inventory levels by a simple command or maybe you just need to get the status of deal from your CRM.

BizCloud Experts along with certified AWS engineers has experienced helping organizations reach more customers by adding voice-enabled experiences to connected products.

Solution Offers

Our objective for this service is to enable and manage Smart Assistant for Small and Medium Enterprises in the our local area.

Starter Kit

Smart Assistant Starter Kit Plus

Implement and configure your Smart Assistant for Business Starter Pack for a Small Medium office. Service details:

  1. Install and Configure Smart Assistant Devices
  2. Configure Meeting Rooms
  3. Integrate Smart Assistant with Individual Calendars
  4. Enable Calling from Smart Assistant
  5. 30-day support

Pricing for starter kit, $1000.00 for implementation — $99.99 month

*Remote support/maintenance, break/fix. Onsite support not included, but can be added on a per incident basis.

Smart Assistant for Enterprise

Design a custom Smart Assistant tailored for your business needs. This will include Smart Assistant Starter Kit plus the following:

  1. Additional Smart Assistant Devices as required
  2. Meeting room and smart device integrations
  3. Private skills development using serverless frameworks
  4. Enhanced support including remote support/maintenance, break/fix. Onsite support not included, but can be added on a per incident basis.

Solution is custom price based on requirements, scope, devices, integrations and skill development needs.

Smart Assistant Skill Development

Looking for an AWS partner that can help you develop additional skills to improve productivity? Our Certified Architects and Engineers will guide you through a life-cycle of activities in building and enabling new voice skills. Want your skill certified for the Alexa Store? Let our Experts help you get it done.

Price for building new skills starts at $250.00 per skill. All skill development is a priced as custom development using agile development methodologies.

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